04 March 2010

Saltos, Onces, and Ferries

The day following the barbecue at my friends house, I went on an adventure to see Petrohue. First was Los Saltos, some very gorgeous waterfalls curving and shooting through a small lava field. I guess Puerto Montt is a very large port for Cruise Ships, and Los Saltos is a very accesible local sight to bus tourists up to. Still, however, I was able to find some respite on a small nature hike nearby with informational signs in Spanish.

I then hoofed it up to the town of Petrohue with its lake situated beneath Vulcan Osorno. I took a pleasant boat ride around the lake and barely made the bus to get back to Puerto Varas. The evening saw some reading, a pasta/tomato/steak/avocado/red pepper salad, and Snatch with my P. Varas friends. The next day, I finally finished Aztec and got lucky with the book exchange. I now am reading Vonnegut´s Slaughterhouse Five and a self-help book about a guy asking a bunch of people about the meaning of life (I got two because of Aztec´s length; thank you Thomas Decloedt from the Melville).

Meanwhile, I switched into a friend´s place so I can enjoy a benefit concert for Concepcion, the city hardest hit by the earthquake. Some dancing, mingling, and piscolas saw my last night in Puerto Varas off well before I found my way home and slept on my buddy´s couch. The next morning, I cooked soft boiled eggs in his hot water pot, said my goodbyes, and headed to Calbuco by way of Puerto Montt.

Calbuco was amazing, with another Couch with which to Surf on. It was with a traditional Chilean family, which was nice because I was coming down with a small cold. A good nap, Onces (sort of a high tea but for dinner), a good nights sleep, and an Almuerzo (lunch, but with hot dinner-like dishes) all aided in my recovery. It was what I needed to have a mom and big sister look out for me again. I of course miss my family back in the states.

Today, I got back on a bus to Puerto Montt, where I needed to figure out how to get to Futaleufu and a possible rafting festival. I had no idea the schedule, but just assumed it would work itself out. It has, and I am now in Castro, halfway down Chiloe Island. My method involves buses, ferries, and possibly penguins.

Somethings Interesting:

--I´ve complained about dull knives before in hostal kitchens. I have since learned a way to sharpen them; use the bottom of a porcelain cup or plate as a sharpening stone (the part which touches the table). Works perfectly.

--Where there is a heat source, there is breakfast. I used a hot water pitcher for some delicious soft boiled eggs.

--Couchsurfing continues to provide me with an experience I would not otherwise have.

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