People I have Met

Here is a short list in reverse order of people I have met on this trip. I will be updating this list, placing new people at the top.Obviously I cannot include everyone, but I will try to include those that have influenced me. For privacy sake, I will only give these people´s first name.

Stefanie: Swiss girl who has been living and studing with her boyfriend in Buenos Aires for some time now. Her blue eyes, bouncy blond hair, and thick Swiss accent mesmorized me to no end.

Sofi: Girl from Ushuaia. Her accent alluded me because of her South African parents and upbringing in Australia.

Natasha: British girl in Ushuaia. She is studying to be a Barista, which is the equivalent of a trial lawyer I believe.

Sean: A Brit in Ushuaia. We discussed our respective boat trips over backgammon, his to Antarctica and mine in the south Pacific.

Dan: Univesity of Arizona graduate. We talked of football and basketball in the Pac-10. Both our teams are terrible this year.

Claudia and Kelly: US couple traveling in the general same direction as me. Met in a hostal in Punta Arenas, and again in Ushuaia.

Rich: British guy with dreads, almost an oxymoron if you ask me. He told me of a park with wild animals in Bolivia. You volunteer with animals who are unable to fend for themselves. I will be doing this.

Paul and Adam: Irish dudes we met on the boat in Torres del Paine. We talked of other places we have been, women, and drinking. Man stuff.

Nicolas: French guy traveling alone. Met in Calafate, then again in Puerto Natales and during our trek in Torres del Paine.

Agnes and Hubert: French couple from Esquel Puerto Natales. Respectively, they are studying sustainable agriculture and microbial production of biofuel.

Guillame and Valerie: French Canadian couple. First met in Calafate, traveled to Torres del Paine together, now in Ushuaia with them. I will be doing a three day trek with them in the bitter cold down here.

Jordan, Indra, and Vita: A Canadian dude, and two Lithuanian girls respectively. Met on a bus as we crossed into Chile for Torres del Paine. The average of their guess for my age was 27 years old.

Fernando: The NICEST hostel patron I have met so far. He simply loves travelers and the business. Example: I lost my soap because of my own stupidity, and was resigned to use dish soap. He went out and bought a bar for me.

Liat: Israeli who I met in Esquel. She will be in Peru the same time as me with her boyfriend, so possibly a meeting will occur.

Alvalar: The tallest Chilean I have met. We first met on a Bus, and then would party later with the rafters. Plans to meet up in Santiago were made.

Ben and Dave: A couple of US rafters I met in the FU. Dave shares my affinity for moustaches, and I would later randomly meet him with another moustache in Torres del Paine.

Rodolpho: The guy who first told me about the rafting festival. He is driving from British Columbia in a car, and made it as far as Punta Arenas. I later randomly met him in Torres del Paine, where he was rock climbing one fo the giant spires I enjoyed from afar.

Lisa and co.: A group of EEUU Students from Puerto Varas. They recognized me from Valpo when I asked them what a bunch of English speakers were doing in Chile; turns out they are studying abroad in Santiago.

Anna and Laia: Two from Spain. They were the first to notify me of the Earthquake, then they took off for Pucon by hitchiking.

Isaac: Nigerian in Puerto Varas. Party animal who speaks a ton of languages.

Javier: Chileno in Puerto Varas. One of the nicest guys I´ve met on my travels. Despite the slight language barrier (my Spanish is improving though), he has opened his house and everything to me.

Alex: Brit in Puerto Varas. Only guy in Chile so far who is taller than me. We have made tentative plans to do the Inca Trail.

Katrin: German in Puerto Varas. We met because of and she has shown me a concert, Chilean BBQ and introduced me to many locals. rules.

Javier and Andres: Chilenos I met in Kunstmann Ceveceria, Valdivia. Traveling by bike down the Chilean Coast. We met over Schop (beer on tap) at the brewerie in Valdivia.

Harry: Brit from Pucon, and later in Puerto Varas. Has an around the world ticket and is on his last stop before returning back to GB. Speaks little to no Spanish

Jave and Vale: Artists from Santiago, painter and sculptor respectively. Met on the beach at Pucon, and hung out a few times while there. Helped me with my Spanish immensely. We´ve made plans to hang in Santiago towards the end of my trip.

Dougie: Scot I met in the treehouse in Pucon. A magician, photogropher, backpacker extraordinaire.

Mariana: Brazillian I met in the Treehouse in Pucon. Spoke very little Spanish and broken English. She was going out, but this was the evening following my termas, hike, so I refrained.

Alesandro: Real awesome Italian met in Villarica. We biked, cooked, hiked and termas-ed together. He is continuing to travel around and is currently in Easter Island. I hope the tsunami didn´t damper his travels there (he´s alright, I have since talked with him)

Petra: German I met in Hostal Suiza in Villarica. She cooked some extra potatoes one night, and we similarly shared our feast of pork, zucchini, and risotto with her.

People from the Melville: A better description than I have can be found here.