08 February 2010

Free time

Free Time

As I’ve said before, the R/V Melville is extremely kush, providing ample opportunity to waste time, and there is plenty of time that needs wasting. With 12 hours off every day, food taken care of, and five or so hours of transit time during my shift, I have done everything in my power not to go insane.

This includes, continuing to work on my bubble paper, applications, movies, reading, card games, ping pong, foosball, cribbage, movies, board games, solitaire, arts and crafts, work out, etc.

Also, there is a hot tub on board. A hot tub!! They use salt water to cool the engines and the engineer decided to put that water to good use (rather than just dump it over board). The salt water hot tub on board this ship is fully heat controlled, with bubbles, clothing optional. I go out there all times during the day and night, to watch the sunset/sunrise, to stargaze, to recover from a workout, to read, to smoke cigars, or whatevs. It has made the boat trip infinitely more enjoyable.

Anyways, to sum up, here are some facts which encapsulate how I spend my time.

Movies watched: 16ish (including Casablanca, Star Trek, Milk, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

Books Read: 2 ½ (remember, I was a Math Major and can barely read)
--Catch 22, Children of the Mind, and currently on Aztec

Green Flashes during Sunset: 8 (one was even PURPLE)

Green Flashes during Sunrise: 1

Card games learned: Upwards of 9

Hot Tub Record: 2 ½ hours straight, averaging over an hour a day

Sleeping record: 4 hours straight. I need uninterrupted sleep.

Rowing record: 30 minutes, 7500 meters. This is the only cardio available, really.

Worse foosball defeat: 2-10. I am truly terrible at this game.

Whales Spotted: 1 blue whale. Check that off the bucket list.

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