14 January 2010

On a Rocking Ship, Small Steps are Necessary

The Boat, First thoughts

My shift is midnight to noon, but that would only be after the 3 day full steam transit to the first station. For now, I get to practice generally being at sea before the real work starts.

The boat is pretty swank as research vessels go, or so I’ve been regaled with comparisons. I do believe it is a good first cruise for me because of the size of the rooms and opportunities for wasting time. We have a full library, a full DVD library (I’ve noticed some repeats though), ping-pong and foosball tables, and reliable internet when the boat is facing the correct direction (southwards during transit is not the correct direction).

Each day will begin to be the exact same, except for the various movies I will have watch. The posts, therefore, will most likely be organized by theme-- for example meals, downtime, work time, and maybe even the science. I will eventually run out of the various possible writing topics, as I will eventually run out of things to do.

Things I’ve learned:

--In less navigable harbor entrances, the harbor-master drives large vessels out and then leaves via rope ladder once in deep water.

--Subtitles make me queasy. I’ve been lucky so far though.

--Small steps are the best to not get caught off balance, pun intended.

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